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blogs.jpgWell, since our database server has taken its bi-weekly (sometimes tri-weekly) , anti-climatic crash and burn, now seems a good time for a blog posting.  In this posting, I’d like to address my fellow bloggers out there – especially those who are new to the art of blogging.

Dare I say, one must embark on one’s own blog-journey with realistic expectations.  First, there are a TON of bloggers out there blogging about a broad range of topics.  A couple blogs have made it big, but statistically speaking; the chances of your blog becoming the ‘next big blog’ are slight at best.  That said, my advice to you is not aspire to be the ‘next big blog’.  Doing so will only cause you to over-analyze your post topics, syntax, punctuation, and grammar to such a severe extent that you will disappear from your message.

Instead, approach your blog as your own personal broadcast station; where it’s all you, all the time.  Your blog should be your own little venting portal to the world; a digital diary of sorts.  Whether your blog is destined to have 5 readers or 5000, its destiny will only be achieved if your unique flavor and view of the world shines through your posts.  Give your blog readers a view of the world through your eyes so they’ll have a different perspective than their own and everyone else’s.

Gotta go…database server is back up; just remember to blog for no one, but yourself.

Happy Blogging!! ^_^


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