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Review This.

review.pngI find the whole review process much of corporate America has now employed to be rather amusing and somewhat annoying. Here’s how it usually goes down:

  • Describe, in detail, how you measurably did/did not achieve last year’s goals.
  • Write about everything else amazing you do to make your company better (i.e. more profitable).
  • Write your new goals for next year.
  • Pray that your manager agrees with everything you’ve written, and awards you the gigantic raise you know you deserve.
  • And, finally rant and rave if (and when) your prayers are not answered.

Why must I spend so many hours composing elegant narratives about MY opinion of MY performance and abilities when it doesn’t directly influence my (potential) raise anyway and what purpose does it server? Is it simply corporate America’s attempt to force those among their employees that don’t already understand the importance and benefit of setting personal career goals and routine self-reflection? Much like my advanced English teacher’s vain attempt when forcing students to write daily journal entries for an entire semester? These are life lessons that cannot be taught by teachers, employers or anyone else, you either figure it out and act accordingly…or you don’t.

Long before ‘review time’ arrives, I’ve committed much deliberate thought to my career and its direction and I have a firm understanding of where I was yesterday, where I’m at today, and where I’d like to be tomorrow without carving out a monotonous piece of literature describing every painful detail for my supervisor to read whom I may or may not sway in the pursuit of my monetary cause. Besides, any competent supervisor, in my opinion, should be well aware of their under-lings contribution(s) and/or lack thereof.

Therefore, in the interest of saving myself the trouble of composing yet another exhaustive narrative and my supervisor the trouble of reading (assuming he or she does) said exhaustive narrative, I can confidently summarize my opinion of my career performance for each and every one of my future reviews with the following:
I am a programming goddess. The End.


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