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Sssssleep Tight

ASC Stinger

The ASC Stinger; Fast, strong, gorgeous, and built on the 2005 GTO chasse…I think I’m in love.

The ASC Stinger car has inspired me to make my car into even more of a sleeper than it already is. It used to bother me; the lack of reverence and awareness paid to my car in spite of its impressive, corvette-engine performance specs. Unlike its much sexier, inferior performing, counterparts, only the occasional, true motor-heads stop to take another look at my vehicle, or listen for the throaty growl of 400 horses when I roll by. So I’ve come to a conclusion; why fight it?

As such, my automobile will be undergoing a few subtle, yet effective exterior modifications to further conceal its origins and remarkable performance capabilities – making it an even more severe sleeper:

A JHP lip spoiler replacement
18″ wheels (something with a thick 5 spoke chrome look)
A Skip Shift Disabler
All-Around Badge Removal
A Gauge Pod

Christmas Wish List:
Short Shifter (Not sure what they were thinking when they gave the GTO a shift throw that’s a mile long. This little device would probably shave half a second off my quarter mile time. ^_^)



December 12, 2007 - Posted by | Carz

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